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MHAbooks holds the exclusive rights (book, ebook, comics, film and merchandise rights) to the Sven Hassel novels worldwide. Please refer to the listing on the left for an overview of each territory and corresponding publishers. For any inquiries please click here.

The Sven Hassel series (14 best-selling books) have sold more than 53 million copies worldwide - 15 million in the UK alone. The 14 titles are: The Legion of the Damned,Wheels of Terror, Comrades of War, Marchbattalion, Assignment Gestapo, Monte Cassino, Liquidate Paris, SS General, Reign of Hell, Blitzfreeze, The Bloody Road to Death, Court Martial, O.G.P.U Prison, and The Commissar.

The novels are being continuously and successfully reintroduced with multiple editions printed in the various territories (see left). Ebooks are also proving to be an interesting and very promising outlet for the series.

Please find a detailed informational sheet here with updated news on the various territories, the books, and the author.

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