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Adolf Heidler South Africa 06/10/2017 12:39:54

I read my first Sven Hassel book at the age of 14 (1975). They were not read in order. I read them as I obtained them from 2nd hand book stores. Words fail me to explain how his writings influenced and cultivated my interest in WW2. It filled me with awe for the soldiers on the battle field. I have the greatest respect for the German Soldier.

Fito Spain 29/09/2017 20:35:50

Great books!

Domenic Antonuccio Australia 06/09/2017 4:28:44

I have collected and read all the 14 books while i was serv ing in the navy.Amazing reading and so truthfull. thank you for sharing the part of your life , the brutality and survival instinct that coe in any war.A must read for all politicians all over the world to stop making the same mistake.

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